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Couples are finally sleeping in the same bedroom again. Watch and read the reviews from real Smart Nora customers.

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Loved by customers and the press.

Join tens of thousands of couples who are sleeping in their bedrooms again. Watch and read the reviews from
our customers.
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Oprah’s Favorite Things 2017 Pick
"Technology that improves your sleep."
"She never hears me snoring anymore, a first in 20 years of marriage!" - Michael, NY
"It’s the best solution we’ve seen."
"An absolute necessity."
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Our Customers Love their Sleep!
Johanna M
"You have literally given me life. I don't walk around in a haze all day from not sleeping."
“This device WORKS! It has been life changing for my wife and me!”
“I used it last night for the first time and it worked. I use a separate snore app and my snoring was significantly reduced. The inflation didn't wake me up at all.”
San Francisco
“I can't believe I get to sleep with my husband again!! I love Nora!! So worth the money!!”
“We have had ours a year. I swear by it and I'm NOT the one who snores. We travel, it goes!! No regrets worth every dime. Smart Nora rocks.”
“Great product, amazing results, easy to get used to for both of us, AWESOME!!!”
“I got it for my husband and it's been a lifesaver for both of us. I wasn't sleeping in our bedroom but ever since he started using Nora, I've been getting a full night's sleep next to my husband. There have been many benefits from using Nora.”
San Diego
“This thing actually works. My wife is happy. My ribs are unbruised. And even though I like to say I’m using it for her, I never knew that snoring made my sleep worse. After three days I woke up like I never really knew what sleeping well felt like!”
“My husband has used Smart Nora for a little more than 2 years! We both love it! Without it I can't sleep! It's a win win and we both sleep! I definitely recommend!!!”
“Our relationship has gone through a tremendous healing! My husband snores heavily but since we got Smart Nora, he doesn't wake me up any more and it's been great for his health to not keep snoring. Awesome!”
“Our relationship has gone through a tremendous healing!”
Jon shares his story on how over the past 2 years Smart Nora has been life-changing for them. Desperate to solve his snoring, Jon tried a number of snoring solutions that didn't work before he found Smart Nora. Now he won’t even travel without it and his wife makes sure Smart Nora comes with them wherever they go.
“Vicki treated herself and her family with great sleep, you can too!”
Vicki uses an app to monitor her snoring. Now that the snoring is gone with using Smart Nora, everyone in the family is happy and enjoys a great night’s sleep every night.
"This device is remarkable..."
Bob tried anything available to help reduce his snoring including a $600 custom-made mouthguard, but nothing worked. he finally came across Smart Nora and decided to give it a try. He received his Nora shortly after and has not snored ever since, starting from the very first night.
"It is so nice to go to bed together, cuddle up and wake up together."
Trent and Debra enjoy going on adventures together, making dinner together and going to bed together. After trying a few solutions to no avail they ordered Smart Nora and from the first night they plugged it in Trent has not left the room.
"It has definitely improved my relationship with my partner."
Over the past 15 years, Shaun has tried mouthguards, nose pieces, and different pillows and all that money had gone down the drain. Spending more nights than most sleeping on the couch, he eventually ordered Smart Nora. Due to better sleep, Shaun now feels well-rested, functions better at work, and their relationship has improved too.
"As a registered nurse and a brand new mom, I recommend Smart Nora."
Like many of our customers, Alexandra tried anything she could think of to help solve her snoring issues to no avail. That all changed when she decided to try Smart Nora. After customizing her Smart Nora her sleep quality score went from 35 to 95 drastically improving her sleep quality.

Before and After

“Absolutely in awe with the results and the impact on how I’m feeling during the day. Bravo Smart Nora!!”
Recorded with SnoreLab
"I will let my sleep app do the review. Thank you for this genius product, I will gladly spread the word!"
Recorded with SnoreLab
“I have used mine for 2 nights now and oh my god, it’s incredible. Definitely worth the money!”
Recorded with SnoreLab
“My snore graph is now in the green. I'm getting a great night's sleep and so is my girlfriend!"
Recorded with SnoreLab
“My SnoreLab results speak for themselves. My wife is having a great night’s sleep for the first time in ages.”
Recorded with SnoreLab
“Seemed to work for me right away. More importantly my wife hasn’t been awakened by me at night.”
Recorded with SnoreLab
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Study Results
What is your refund policy?

Try Smart Nora for 30 nights from the time you receive your purchase, risk-free. If you decide Smart Nora is not the right solution for you we will send you a pre-paid shipping label and you can return the Smart Nora for a full refund. Shipping and returns are free.

Can I sleep on my side, back or stomach?

Yes. Smart Nora is designed for side, back and stomach sleepers alike. Our pillow insert spans across the pillow. No matter where your go-to spot on the pillow is, we've got you covered.

Can I use my own pillow?

Yes. Smart Nora is designed to work with all popular pillows including down, memory foam, gel pillows and more. Using a Queen Size pillow is recommended.

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